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Four Ways

Category:    Arcade
Age Group: Mixed
Price:          Free


Four Ways is a classical arcade game where you have to observe, think and act fast. It may sound complex but it is very easy to play! All you need to do is match color



The game has a four-sided revolver at the center. 

Each side has different color: Red, blue, green and yellow. 

And there are objects with the same color set, approaching to the center from the four different ways.

By tapping on the left or right side of the screen, you can rotate the revolver clockwise or counterclockwise.

All you need to do is matching the colors by rotating. 

You will have two rights to make mistake for each color. If you exceed it for once, the game will be over.

Game becomes harder as you perform successful matches.

You just need to try for getting higher and higher points. 


Key Features

You can trace your latest and highest scores, as well as how many times you play the game.

The game uses Google’s Leaderboards service. So, challenge your friends and players around the world.

The game also uses Google’s Achievements service. There are numerous achievements. So, aim further to unlock achievement as much as possible.

You can turn on/off the vibration, and the volume of music & sound effects.

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