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Watch Your Tap

Category:    Arcade
Age Group: Mixed
Price:          Free

Watch Your Tap is a simple single-tap mobile game. The idea is to destroy the circles by tapping just on them.



There will be circles on the screen and numbers on them. 

Numbers show how many times you need to tap the circle before it disappears.

If you can’t destroy it on time, you die!

If you tap the background, you die!

If you let the circles escape from the screen, you die!

Key Features

You can pause and play the gameplay anytime.

You can trace your highest score.

The game uses Google’s Leaderboards service. So, challenge your friends and players around the world.

The game also uses Google’s Achievements service. There are numerous achievements. So, aim further to unlock achievement as much as possible.

You can turn on/off the sound.

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